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The Victoria Minor Ball Hockey Association (VMBHA) is committed to the organization
of a safe and positive program for players in Greater Victoria and surrounding areas to
learn sportsmanship, player etiquette, and team play. Participants are of varying ball hockey experience and
skill level and it is important that all participants are able to gain equal enjoyment from being involved.

The program will also provide an opportunity for children of all ages and gender to keep fit,
develop ball hockey skills, and most importantly, have fun in a safe and competitive environment.

As an Association to offer minor ball hockey as a foundation for children to grow and develop that
will enable them to enjoy life-long participation and friendships through the game of ball hockey.

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Article 1

The name of the Society is Victoria Minor Ball Hockey Association (VMBHA).

The area(s) of the Greater Victoria Area shall be known and hereinafter referred to as the ‘District’.

Article 2

 The purpose of the Board of Directors:

To foster, improve and continue the growth of Minor Ball Hockey within the Greater Victoria Area;

To continue with the enforcement of the rules of the game as adopted by the Society;

To supervise and carry out regular season play and regional playoffs for minor ball hockey in the ‘District’ within the Province of British Columbia;

To emphasize and encourage the involvement of those who put the interest of the game ahead of their personal interests;

To ensure that the game is played in a positive environment;

To assist members in the pursuit of excellence by providing effective programs and services through available resources;

To monitor and review services, benefits, and programs available to the members in order to meet their ever changing needs;

To present a common voice on behalf of all members in all discussions that could effect within the West Coast Minor Ball Hockey Association;

To promote and support equal access to program and services regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, racial origin or religion.

Article 3

The operation of this Society is to be mainly carried out within the ‘District’ in the Province of British Columbia as a non-profit organization. This provision is unalterable.

Article 4

The constitution of this Society shall be affiliated with West Coast Minor Ball Hockey Association under the Canadian Ball Hockey Association. This provision is unalterable.

Article 5

In the event that the Society should be dissolved, the remaining assets will be liquidated in order to facilitate the payment of all debts and liabilities.  Any remaining assets shall be split equally amongst existing Minor Ball Hockey Associations in good standing. This provision is unalterable.



1      Victoria Minor Ball Hockey Association for the purpose of these By-Laws shall be known and hereinafter referred to as ‘The Society’.

The Society

  1. a)    The Victoria Minor Ball Hockey Association which shall be known and hereinafter referred to as the ‘Society’ shall be composed of:
  2. i)         All registered players, seventeen (17) years and under are governed under VMBHA and considered minors.
  3. ii) All areas regarded as the ‘District’

iii)        Divisional Managers

  1. iv) Associate Members
  2. Persons currently serving on the Society’s Board of Director’s within the ‘District’ in the Province of British Columbia, willing to comply with and abide by the Constitution, By-Laws, Regulations and Rules of the Society.



2     The Society currently shall be formed into one ‘District’ as follows under the name:

Victoria Minor Ball Hockey Association (VMBHA)

Within the ‘District’ the Society governs the following area(s) as for the sport of Minor Ball Hockey:


Oak Bay,



Central Saanich,

North Saanich,


And Colwood.



Players under the Society shall be known and hereinafter referred to as ‘Members’ and/or ‘Membership’. 

  1. Membership shall be acquired by registering with the Directors, subject to By-Law One of the Society.
  2. a)       Each member shall adopt and abide by the Constitution, By-Laws or Regulations of this Society.
  3. b)   For the purpose of the preceding paragraph, Associations are authorized to adopt or amend their Constitution, By-Laws and Regulations so long as provisions of such Constitution, By-Laws and Regulations are more restrictive than the equivalent provisions (if any) of the Society or Canadian Ball Hockey.
  4. c)    All new registrations for membership shall be forwarded to the Society Directorship for their consideration. The application to consist of:
  5. i)       Proof (verification) of registering player(s) birth certificates;
  6. ii)      Supply of Care Card number of registering player(s);

iii)     Full fixed address of registering player(s);

  1. iv)     Parent/Guardian & emergency contact information
  2. v)      Any noted health issues of the registering player(s)
  3. d)   All games played by members and the qualifications of all persons competing in such games as members of its teams shall be in conformity with the Constitution, By-Laws, Regulations and Rules of Society.
  4. e)    Any violation of the Society’s Board of Directors by any member of the Society shall render such member liable to suspension and/or such disciplinary that may be deemed necessary.
  5. f)    The membership of the Society shall commence on August 1st of the previous year and end July 31st of the current year.
  6. g)   Membership in the Society shall cease where:
  7. i)     A member may be suspended or expelled for wilful violation of the Society’s Constitution or By-Laws or for any other serious breach of rules or regulations.
  8. ii) Where a member is suspended or expelled, the member shall forfeit all rights and privileges in organized ball hockey in the Society until such time as the said member, Coach or Team is reinstated as a member in good standing
  9. h) The member has not been in good standing for 6 consecutive months:
  10. i)   A member who has failed to pay current registration dues or any other subscription or debt due and owing by the member to the Society shall be deemed to be not in good standing.
  11. ii)  A member under suspension is not in good standing until the period of suspension has been served.

Voting Rights - Membership

  1. a) General Meetings - AGM or SGM
  2. i) All Members seventeen (17) years of age and under are not entitled to a vote.
  3. ii) Each legal guardian is entitled to one vote. Maximum two (2) votes per registered family.

iii)     Proxy votes will not be accepted at any AGM or SGM.

  1. b) Quorum AGM or SGM
  2. i) A quorum for the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting shall require a minimum of 10 (including the number of present voting board members) of the membership in good standing.
  3. ii) Unless a quorum is presented at a General Meeting (AGM or SGM), no business other than the adjournment and termination of the meeting shall be conducted.

iii)     In the event that sufficient Members, in good standing, are not present at a General Meeting within one half hour from the appointed time for the meeting, it shall stand adjourned for two weeks and shall then be advertised on the Society’s web-site.

  1. Ballots and Tabulation

In the event that only one nomination is received for a given position, that person is appointed by acclimation.  In the case of multiple nominations for a given position, a secret ballot will be undertaken with the Secretary or President and a member in good standing appointed by the directors, being responsible for the tabulation and announcement of votes.



  1. The registration dues for the associations are due by or before March 1st of every year along with the Victoria Minor Ball Hockey Registration form(s). A Victoria Minor Ball Hockey Volunteer form filled out and signed by a parent or guardian accompanied with a deposit cheque must be submitted at the same time as the Registration form(s).
  2. a)   The fee will vary from year to year and division to division for every player. Dues will be set out by the Society’s Directors a minimum one (1) week prior to registration dates.
  3. b)    Failure to pay fees by March 31stto the Society will disqualify any member from play, until fees are received in full. Disqualification from play includes Provincials and tournaments for that season.
  4. c)   All original registration forms must be submitted with payment. The forms will be held for a period of five to seven years.
  5. d) A copy of the registration form shall be retained by the member for income tax purposes.
  6. e)    All team rosters are considered finalized by the end of the second full weekend of play.


 Executives are Directors of the Society

5)       Directors of the Society

  1. a)   The Directors of the Society shall be: the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Registrar, Head Coach, Referee-In-Chief, Director of Player Development, Fundraising Lead, Equipment Manager, League Scheduler, Head Scorekeeper.
  2. b)   The Directors will be elected to a two-year term commencing as follows:

Vice President, Secretary, Equipment Manager, Head Coach, and Registrar in odd years.

President, Treasurer, Referee-In-Chief, Fundraising Lead, League Scheduler, Head Scorekeeper in even years.

  1. c)    Open Director Positions will be voted on by members in good standing in the 2nd year of a term, at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). New positions will commence August 1 of that year.
  2. i)    The President governs VMBHA by its constitution, as well as by any related rules and regulations. The President is entitled to one vote, and in the event of a tie, the president’s vote will be the final decision. The President of VMBHA is part of the WCMBHA Board and is entitled to one vote on any matter before the WCMBHA.
  3. ii)    The Vice President assists the President in the discharge of their duties, and in the absence of the President, conducts the business of VMBHA. The Vice President oversees the Head Coach. The Vice President abides by the job description outlined in this constitution. In the absence of the President from WCMBHA Executive & Board meeting(s), the Vice President is entitled to one vote on any matter before the WCMBHA. The Vice President is entitled to one vote on any matter before the VMBHA.

iii)     The Secretarykeeps up-to-date and impartial records of the proceedings of each VMBHA meeting, and other events, in writing, and he/she corresponds, as directed by the VMBHA Directors. The Secretary is entitled to one vote on any matter before the VMBHA.

  1. iv) The Registrar shall coordinate all registration dates, collect registration fees, organize an overall data list of registered players and supply a final list prior to team/player drafts. He/She will provide suggestions to the Board of Directors regarding registration within the Association. In addition, he/she will be involved in organizing a data list of eligible players for WCC teams. The Registrar is entitled to one vote on any matter before the VMBHA.
  2. v)    The Treasurer collects all monies owing to the VMBHA, keeps records of all related transactions, collects jersey deposits, and pays all accounts payable as authorized by the VMBHA Directors. He/she prepares financial reports quarterly and as required, and prepares the VMBHA budget at the beginning of each season no later than February 15th. The Treasurer is entitled to one vote on any matter before the VMBHA.
  3. vi)    The Referee-In-Chief shall be in charge of all officials that are eligible to officiate for VMBHA. He/she shall be responsible to provide training for all officials, and to advise VMBHA & WCMBHA Director of Officiating as to how to improve the game from a rule standpoint. The Referee-In-Chief will also be part of the discipline panel and is entitled to one vote on any matter before the VMBHA. The Referee-in-Chief shall coordinate all referees throughout the season. He/She will provide suggestions to the Board of Directors regarding referees abilities. In addition, he/she will be involved in the set-up and organization of Referee meetings & clinics. The Referee-in-Chief is entitled to one vote on any matter before the VMBHA.

vii)    The Head Coach shall coordinate all coaches’ clinics. He/She will also provide direction for the coach’s training. In addition, he/she will be involved in the selection process for the VMBHA regular season team coaches and the VMBHA WCC team coaches unless he/she has submitted his/her name as a coaching candidate. The Head Coach will participate with the President and Vice President in the evaluation of all players registered for VMBHA for the upcoming season.  In addition, he/she will be involved in the selection process for the VMBHA regular season teams and the VMBHA WCC teams. The Head Coach is entitled to one vote on any matter before the VMBHA.

viii)      The Fundraising Lead shall coordinate all lottery licensed raffle draws throughout the season.  He/She will provide direction to the Board of Directors regarding Fundraising. He/She will contact businesses & groups within VMBHA communities regarding sponsorship packages, donations and grant applications. The Fundraising Lead is entitled to one vote on any matter before the VMBHA.

  1. ix) The League Scheduler attends user and dry floor meetings that affect the Association and allocated dry floor times. Negotiates and assists negotiations of dry floor times, attends interlock meetings and scheduling thereof. Books floor time for the teams, corresponds with the President and Referee-in-Chief in regards to schedules and changes. The League Scheduler is entitled to one vote on any matter before the VMBHA.
  2. x) The Head Scorekeeper receives all final game scores and records in master spreadsheet. He/she also ensures there is a ready supply of score sheets for the club. The Equipment Manager is entitled to one vote on any matter before the VMBHA.
  3. xi) The Equipment Manager purchases and distributes required equipment for the upcoming season, maintains inventory for equipment, jerseys and first aid bags. The Equipment Manager maintains the Society’s storage facilities and contents. He/she orders medals and trophies for play-offs. The Equipment Manager is entitled to one vote on any matter before the VMBHA

xii) The “Founding President” Position is a respected non-voting honorary director position. The current directors may contact the past founder for consultative purposes.

  1. d)      The Executives of the Society shall have the power to suspend and/or fine and/or take such disciplinary action that may be deemed necessary against any Coach, Team, Player, Referee, Official Scorer, Game Time Keeper, Team Official, Spectators or Parent for unsportsmanlike conduct on or off the floor, or abusive language to any of the Officials, or for failure to comply with the Society’s Constitution, By-Laws and Regulations or WCMBHA Constitution, By-Laws, Regulations, BC Ball Hockey Constitution, By-Laws, Regulations, Rules or Canadian Ball Hockey Constitution, By-Laws.
  2. e) Fines can not be applied to infants (minors)
  3. f) In cases where in the opinion of the President a suspension of greater than 30 days is warranted, the President will impose an indefinite suspension pending a full investigation. The investigation will be initiated within 10 days of the incident by an Executive of the Society as directed by the President. Upon receipt of the full investigation report, the President shall impose a definite suspension.
  4. g) The Executives of the Society shall have the power to suspend any team official proven guilty of having played an ineligible player.
  5. h)      The Executives of the Society shall have the power to suspend any referee or other official for conduct unbecoming of an official on or off the floor.
  6. i)       The Vice-President shall, in the absence of the President, have all the power and perform all the duties of the President.
  7. j) Board Members as volunteers cannot accept remuneration as part of their duties within the society.
  8. k) Board Members who have resigned from the Board during the previous season, without having fulfilled their one year commitment, may only have their nomination accepted if three-quarters (75%) of the Board of directors approves such a nomination.
  9. l) Any sitting Board member or Associate seeking election to the Board for any position other than re-election of their current position, must first resign from the position currently held before accepting a nomination.
  10. m) Nominations
  11. Nominations for President and Vice-President may only be accepted for Members who have served as Board Members on at least one of the previous two years.
  12. A call for nominations will be posted on the VMBHA website thirty (30) days prior to the AGM.
  • Nominations will be closed seven (7) days prior to the AGM unless otherwise approved by the President.
  1. Nominations for vacant positions will not be permitted at the AGM. The position would then be appointed and approved by the Board of Directors
  2. n) Board Meetings
  3. Proxy votes by Directors for Board meetings will be accepted.
  4. Proxy votes will not be accepted at any AGM or SGM.
  • The board will not compromise any member’s at large positions. All members must have a defined and substantive area of responsibility.
  1. o) Conflict of Interest

Refers to a situation when someone, such as a Board Member, has competing personal obligations or personal or financial interests that would make it difficult to fulfill his/her duties fairly.  It is recognized that the only truly effective safeguard against conflicts of interest situations is the integrity of the Board Member.

  • Conflict of interest includes situations that may, amongst others, arise from:
    • Where Board Member’s private affairs or financial interests are in conflict with their Board responsibilities and obligations or result in a perception that a conflict exists.
    • Which could impair or appear to impair the Board Member’s abilities to a in the Society’s best interest.
    • Where the Board Member’s actions would compromise or undermine trust which the membership places in the individual.
    • Favouring outside interests, such as another association, to the detriment of our Association
    • Use for personal gain or other unauthorized use of privileged information acquired in connection with the Member’s activities.
  • Every Director shall adhere to the following code of conduct principles:
    • Act honestly and in good faith and in the best interests of the whole Society

     (ii)    Exercise the care, diligence and the skill of a reasonable prudent person


  (iii)    Not communicate confidential information to anyone not entitled to receive this information.



  • Avoid situations that could cause any person to believe that he or she may have brought bias or partiality to a question before the Board.


Board Members have a responsibility to disclose any direct or indirect conflicts of interest. Board members must avoid even the perception of a conflict of interest. If a member is in doubt as to whether or not a conflict exists or could exist, he or she shall seek advice from the Board or of a person designated by the Board forthwith.


Board Members shall declare any real or potential conflict of interest regarding a Board agenda item and shall remove themselves from the room prior to discussion of the matter. He/she shall neither vote on the item nor attempt to influence the voting of other Board Members in any question in respect to the matter.


Failure by Board Members to adhere to the principles and procedures outlined in this Bylaw will be reviewed by the Board, with the exclusion of the individual in question, on a case by case basis. Concerns or complaints by the Society’s membership regarding a Board Member must be undertaken in writing.


Where it is determined by a 65% majority of the Board that a conflict of interest exists, action such as a reprimand, censure, or removal from the Board may ensue. This is determined on a case by case basis and would take into account the nature and severity of the infraction.     


Board Meetings


Board Meetings are typically held at least once a month at a time and place prescribed by the President. Such meetings are typically open to all Members. However, a portion of the meeting or even the entire meeting may be held “in camera” if deemed appropriate by a majority of the Board.


A meeting, or part of a meeting, of the Board of Directors may be held “in camera” where intimate financial or matters of a personal nature of any person may be disclosed at the meeting. The desirability of avoiding open discussion of such discussion thereof outweighs the desirability of adhering to the principle that the meeting be open to all Members. The proceedings at an “in camera” meeting must be kept in strict confidence and do not form part of the regular minutes. Normally only Board Members may attend “in camera” sessions. However, other individuals may be invited at the discretion of the Board.


Members are invited to attend Board Meetings to raise and discuss specific issues provided that such items are placed on the agenda in advance. It is inappropriate for general Members to attend and fully participate in other unrelated agenda items.


Associate Board Members are invited to fully participate in all Board discussions, except those held “in camera.


A quorum shall consist of half plus one of the voting positions.


All Board Members will be notified of all Board Meetings, including those called in short order.


The accidental omission to give notice or any irregularity in the notice for any regular or special Board Meeting or the non-receipt by any Member shall not invalidate any resolution passed or any proceedings taken at any meeting of Members. 


The Minutes of the Board Meeting are prepared and held by the Society’s Secretary.


Approved Minutes are available to all Members upon request to the Secretary.


The President may, at any time, take a mail, telephone, fax, or email poll or vote of the Directors on any urgent matter. The results would be binding.


If a Board Member is absent from three (3) or more consecutive regularly scheduled Board meetings, termination from the Board would result, unless a majority of the Board deems the circumstances to be extenuating.




The fiscal year of the Society shall be from August 1 to July 31.


The finances of the Society shall be under the control of the Board of Directors.


A current operating account shall be maintained in a Canadian Chartered Bank or financial institution as approved by the Board.


The Treasurer shall endeavour to present a financial report at all Board Meetings.


The Board of Directors shall not have the power to borrow monies. A special resolution approved at an AGM or SGM is required and even then would be subject to provisions of the Society Act. 


At the Annual General Meeting of the Society, Members in good standing shall be provided with a balance sheet and income statement.


The books of account, records and minutes of the Society shall be retained by the Society and shall be open for inspection upon request by the Members during such time as the Board of Directors shall designate.


Directors with signing authority for the Society shall be the President, Treasurer, Vice-President and Registrar and such Directors as may be authorized by the Board. 


All cheques written and funds released by the Society will require the signatures of two Directors with signing authority. The two signatories cannot be related.


The President cannot concurrently hold the position of Treasurer.


Constitutional and Bylaw Amendments


Any amendments to any provisions or any additions to the Constitution and/or Bylaws require the following:

(i)         Special resolution at an AGM or Special General Meeting,

(ii)       Five percent (5%) or 10 members in good standing.


(iii)       Approved by the Registrar of the Society Act of British Columbia


Proposed amendments to the Constitution and/or By-Laws must be received by the Secretary of the Society no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the Annual General Meeting or the Special General Meeting.



1)         Any Coach, Team, Player, Official, Official Scorer, Game Time Keeper, or any official of the Society may appeal any suspension or decision of the Society’s President or the President designate.

2)         Any individual wishing to appeal a suspension assessed and/or a decision made by the Society must:

(a)        First appeal in writing to the president of the Society in question and exhaust all levels of appeal as specified in the By-Laws and Regulations of the Society in question within 10 days of the suspension. A fee of $50.00 must be paid to VMBHA before an appeal can take place.

(b)     The individual, if dissatisfied with the final appeal decision of the Society in question may then appeal the suspension and/or decision to West Coast Minor Ball Hockey Association. A fee of $50.00 must be paid to WCMBHA before an appeal can take place.

(c)       Upon receipt of the appeal the WCMBHA will notify the Association, this Society, in question of the appeal in writing.

(d)       All appeals must be submitted in writing and be received by the WCMBHA President within 10 days of the original decision.

(e)       The Appeal will be only heard under the following conditions:

(i)  New evidence not used in the original hearing can be presented which may have an effect on the decision

(ii) Appeal may be filed on the grounds of irregularities in the proceedings of the original hearing that may have caused an unjust decision

(f)      Appeal may be filed on the grounds that the decision of the original hearing was too severe:

(i) An appeal may be filed on the grounds that there is proof to establish that the decision of the original hearing was reached in an unjust manner.

     (ii) The Appeal shall be dealt within 10 days of the receipt of the written appeal or electronically written.  If at any level the appeal is over-turned the $50.00 fee paid to VMBHA will be returned.


Provincials and Western Challenge Cup

  1. a)    Only those members in good standing with the Society for that particular year shall be allowed to participate in the Provincials, The Western Challenge Cup and The Nationals of that year. It is the Society & the Team Coaching staff’s decision of a particular team and/or player to participate in either the Provincials and/or Western Challenge Cup, whether it is a chosen team player list for the Western Challenge Cup or a team player list awarded to take part in the Provincials through ‘District’ playoffs. The Society will have final say in which team/player represents VMBHA within Provincial tournaments and/or Western Challenge Cup.
  2. b)   Players chosen to try out for the Nationals of that year will be the responsibility of the chosen Coaching staff appointed by WCMBHA. Appeals of team roster/officials for the Nationals can only be made through WCMBHA.


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